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Crop Circle, Bat and Intergalactic Mindful Kindness


Today I open the crop circle file. After meditating at sunrise in a wheat field, this has (a)waken internally what I have known from teenage hood in astronomy, physics… Today, I clearly see further and have much more to say.

I feel like the little prince who has the universe between his hands and I wish to share with you the outcome as the message is unlimited.


Should you wish to search into internet, you will find tons of information about crop circles.

A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal. These shapes can go from simple circles of a few meters diameter to complex shapes of over several 10 thousands of square meters.


According to this database :  Crop circle Center 6818 are registered as of 7/17/2017 , including  44 for 2017. Here are the shapes for 2017 :





This didn’t take us Bopha and I too long to decide to look for one crop circle. A few synchronicities : a wheat field meditation, memories about astronomy, physics, ETs and others life forms, Angels and Archangels, consciousness raising, a talk with a friend visiting another French crop cirle : Crézancy-en-Sancerre , the discovery of a crop circle database and the proximity of a recent crop circle at around 2h driving from our place.

First available timeslot and here we go. Heading to the 3-week-old-crop circle of the Vieux Lixheim next to Sarrebourg.



What is below is only the description of our own experience, it has no other goals than asking questions and unveils consciousness, each one will find his own answers.


The trip is smooth, the site is easy to locate and everything is working according to our requests : clouds are moving, sun is present and we are alone on the site.


We enter the site with infinite precaution, we look at the tracks done by the agriculture machinery and we find the one getting us to the nearer side of the crop circle. Once getting very  nearby a very tiny path where a few foot steps from previous experiencers are visible.

My first feeling is very pleasant since although there is a big agricultural activity (lots of farming tractors, vehicles on the road), human activity sounds stop from time to time and we sense a real cosmic dimension and when facing the starry skies, we feel small, modest and humble.


We initiate walking on crop circle orbitals and we stop on the different planets : earth, moon, mercury and sun. This is beautiful and impressive and we can only be contemplative about this creation.  Gratitude to those who made up this masterpiece which seems very close and very far in the same time. Then come the questions : why ? how ? who ?

The next part has been done according to a French humorist JM Bigarre sketch : the bat… A google translation of the text can be found here.

source : emeraude1977.centerblog.netLet’s accept that a single man or an artist, wishes to show his art mastering or advertise or gain any kind of visibility. According to the size of the site several hundred meters length, I have some difficulties to accept that only one single person made it.

Let’s accept he is alone, how did he manage to create the big orbit circle? He can tie up a rope to the circle and he tries not to go outside the lines. Hmmm not so easy, this probably leave tracks, OK we forget the rope explanation for the circle… too archaic…

Let’s accept that he is at the top of technology, he has a mobile with a dedicated GPS software, he prepared his drawing carefully and has only to follow his layout regularly by folding the wheat ears…According to the size of the drawing, it sounds a bit difficult that he manages to do it in a single night, specially as summer nights are shorter. There are big circles, big discs where all the wheat ears should be bend considering that he should have at least half of the time his eyes staring at the screen…

Let’s accept he has come with a bunch of friends, all having mobiles with GPS software and each one focus on a tiny part. This is possible but they still have to be very cautious, as any single mistake cannot be undone (how to unfold wheat ears?), a footstep aside, a little oblivion, an unwanted thought and we are out  of the plan and this will probably show up easily…

Let’s accept they are very calm, conscientious, fully Zen meditation experts…This work can only done during the night, so you must have all the lights equipments in order to work properly or they have infrared google or equivalent military equipments…

Let’s accept they have all the military or necessary equipment…What devices should they use to bend the wheat ears in a regular pattern, with the needed precision and which allows circle or disc shapes ? With sticks ? with boards ? Does a tool with appropriate shape allows to do that ?

Let’s accept that they have the necessary tools to be able to manage it without artefacts… There are a few places where wheat ears are imperfectly laid down… Oh this is a proof that they are humans if there are imperfections… The main issue is that the wheat ears still up are the ones that are finer and younger than the ones bend.

Let’s accept that they didn’t want to touch baby ears as our friends are humanists, so they have to select them before bending the other or they should at least have a more advanced technology linked to energy or anything else allowing to do so…

Let’s accept that they all have this. If they were done by human, then they are very skilled, very well equipped, very well organized and full of motivation… So why not adding a cameraman to the team to show how they did that masterpiece ? Frankly speaking, they are geniuses, so respect for these persons and if this happens to be known or receive credits, advertisements or any kind of recognition, then yes, yes, yes, please show up guy so that we can applause. So yes to “landart”, to creation and I have browsed to internet and was not able to find out a video showing the creation of these land arts …

Let’s accept that they are very modest, humble or magicians and that they don’t want to be recognized…

This is getting very odd in here no ? They don’t have the normal human behaviour do they ? Using so many resources, persons, during night time with advanced technologies, with no artefacts, being anonymous, without receiving money, advertisement or any credit… Where do you think they come from?


I did this the humorous way and this is up to everyone to make up his mind. The last funny idea I had realised the day after our trip when I was facing a rice salad. The bowl was very full and there was a plate at the top to cover it. Once the plate removed, a nice plate print or crop circle was shown on the rice salad.


Let’s stop our funny attitude for a few lines, true, fake, why, how, origins, symbols, hidden messages, hoax, whatsoever I wish to say, this is an invitation to look up, to look further, higher and deeper into you, there is a mirror between skies and earth that cannot be denied any more.



Once seated in the central circle, we enjoyed a meditation and we laid down and waiting peacefully for the night to come. Clouds danced, moved and vanished enough to let a good part of the universe to be visible to our eyes in a nice circle. Lovely show, a sense of vastness, of over excellence in all directions…



The astrophysicist I couldn’t become has been for numerous years a stargazer and I always imagined internally, considering the numbers of stars in our galaxy, considering the number of galaxies in the universe, how could it be impossible that there are not a vast number of solar systems, how could it be impossible that there are numerous other planets, how could it be impossible that life, lifeforms or intelligences can’t exists and be with us with such conditions.

How can we believe that we are alone in the Universe or that we should be the center of the Universe. Scientists have proven that galaxies ar moving away each others, so that we are on a huge spaceship cruising with incredible speed called Earth…. There is an accessible vastness and we are at the very beginning (dawn) to discover what it is. Even our technology is unable to understand what is happening on our planet (check the weather forecast over 3 days!) and even our devices seem to have extensive freedom to stop working (never had a pc, or device failure?)

I decided to shoot the sky with my camera randomly and this is what I got by magnifying some parts of the starry night. Mistake, artefact, scientists will be able to use all qualitative terms to file, count what they don’t know yet. But is it what they are doing with their telescopes, radio-telescopes … And as a gift, here is a nice picture I took while I thought being in a complete black dark night on our way back to the car.


I am in the perception, using senses, sharing and I am not looking for any logical or rational explanations.













From my side, I am not (or not yet) energy or message sensitive, Bopha is and this is what she can testify :

It was as if my physical body no longer existed. I had no legs (no longer needed) and I had the feeling to be pulled from behind, as if I was to told to “step back”, to have a broader perspective, more open, more global than the one I have now. I had the feeling to be part of this great whole (unity) as we are all connected.


Next inside the central disc 2 messages came to her :

1 –An “old” world is coming to its end (distress/sadness together) and

2 – New world possible elsewhere (hope) for the ones who will be in Peace and not afraid of “them”

From my side, here is my perception : a universal message, unlimited possibilities, a re-connexion to our true self, overcome knowledge, the reality that we believe in, thoughts, speeches, acts must evolve, we must raise consciousness, raise to a new world. The best is yet to come, a unified consciousness, no rivalries, no beliefs, no limits.


We are shown the path through all these examples, mathematics, sacred geometry, all the shapes, all the universal constants. They can all be found back in religious or spiritual places, they are in pyramids, they are present in all civilizations and at all times. This is to understand our true unity, our connexions, our source, space and time are only what YOU wish them to be.

The only difference is our path, specific to each one of us, each one need to follow his steps, understand what he had been, what he really is and do what is needed to raise his consciousness in order to find the answers to his questions.

We have unlimited powers, but they can only be revealed or shown to persons embodied with coherence, universal and unconditional values like Love, Mindful Kindness, Altruism,  Sharing. Today a step (or a quantum leap) has been achieved : words, concepts, ideas, thoughts actions. Need to disappear : war, hate, failure, fiction, impossible, boundary, division, competition, country, nation, race, ugliness, all words, thoughts, acts that divide, juge, show certainty will soon no longer exist.


Time for transparency, light, marvels and miracles, joy, energy, beauty is about to arrive. Everything that exists in the skies also exists on earth, the last ones will be the first ones. It is now time to make your own path and offer yourselves the unlimited powers of Life. No need to be an expert, no need to read all the books on a specific topic, just a true opening and welcome on what is happening now.

This is your time to live your experience, to open up unconditionally and enjoy what is now.


However for the ones that needs matters, facts, concretes, understand the signs, I have been guided  (as there is no hazard) on the French crop circle specialist : Umberto Molinaro that you can find actively working in here:

And these 2 french webinars onYouTube talking about the 2 lasts crops circles in France

I am unsure about any equivalent in English language but my feeling would be to approach Patty Greer. Her YouTube channel :


For those looking at explanation of crop circles, I have found this list quite interesting:


I invite you to read the google translation of my friend Anna who visited the Crézancy-en-Sancerre crop circle and who is medium channelling :


Thanks to for the galaxy image under the heart at beach

With Love, Mindful Kindness, Share and Energy

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