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Please find hereby the message from my Friend Elisabeth you may wish to help. Like many of us, you may feel concerned by the fast destruction of our ecosystems and the violence of the way we treat life in all its forms. Kind-Hearted, human-true believer, world harmony inspirer, she left her coach job to meet Remarkable Women. These women work to preserve wild and domestic animals from death or miscare. Elisabeth has realised a pilot webserie in order to inspire everyone with Cristina Lapis life cofounder of the Bear Sanctuary in Romania. Now she needs your help to continue her webserie in order to meet Daphné Sheldrick in Kenya with her Elephant Babies Orphanage : Elephants are killed in severe conditions to source the Ivory Trafic.

These videos are to be watched and shared freely on the internet. Elizabeth and I are convinced that their testimonials of these inspiring women will inspire others to act and contribute on their own.
If you wish to listen to her message (in French), please click here to contribute to her association Terre de Licorne (Unicorn’s Earth)

Please feel free to share this message to any of your friends, family who may be interered in supporting women commitment and Animal welfare cause.
Thanks for her !
Kindly Yours

Stephane & Elisabeth
Elisabeth Dancet
Association Terre de Licorne
6, boulevard de la République  F-92370 CHAVILLE
E-mail lyz.dancet@gmail.com
Tel +33(0)6 12 01 64 41
Donation : BIC : CRLYFRPP / IBAN : FR64 3000 2049 3300 0000 6065 G55



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